This contract provides you with information about my service. To agree to this contract you need to reply by email stating that you have read this information/contract revision C1120-30 and agree to this contract.

Information – Paul Berry (MBACP)

I am a qualified and UK-registered Humanistic Integrative Counsellor who uses Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT, Psychotherapy) with couples and individuals.

My practice is also informed by university studies in Psychology, Sociology, Fear & Sadness, Neurology, Online working, and key issues in mental health including Anxiety, Depression, and Dementia. I continuously develop and update my therapy practice based on current research findings. The couple’s work is underpinned by attachment theory Psychology.

Therapy involves working with you in a secure, and confidential relationship. I seek to work with you in a non-judgmental way which will help you organise your thoughts around your current difficulties. I may not have all the answers to your problems, but I will work towards assisting you in exploring any issues you choose to bring to a session.

I am also a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). This means that all work is carried out under ethical guidelines set down by the BACP. You, myself, and our work together are supported by the guidance provided by the BACP Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am also registered on the BACP professional register.

All my work is supported by an experienced Senior Accredited therapist supervisor, my casework will be presented to my personal BACP supervisor regularly. Your identity will remain confidential and your name will not appear on any case notes. Manual working notes may be kept for up to 5 years, and then destroyed.

Description – Online Psychotherapy and Counselling

When experiencing emotional difficulties, sometimes we are unable to resolve them alone. Therapy provides a safe and confidential space for individuals to tentatively explore their feelings and thoughts, in a trusting, empathetic, and understanding relationship.

Online therapy is offered by myself using ZOOM, and sometimes SIGNAL.

Zoom is free to use on the client end and can be installed on tablets, laptops, PC or Phone. If you do not want to install then you can access Zoom sessions using your browser. I can offer help in setting this up if you require it.

Please be aware that all online platforms have a variety of issues around data and platforms are often updated in different ways which are difficult to keep up to date with. We can discuss this during the session if you wish and look at your requirements.

Please note its important that when you connect for a session, you are in a place where you will not be disturbed or overheard and you are in a place where you feel safe and will not be interrupted.

Reasons for online therapy

Circumstances may create a situation where online therapy is a good choice for you. I am willing to work with you on most issues you choose to bring to the online sessions. It may be helpful to have some goals in mind when starting. The sessions are very much for you to choose what you would like to work on. Please be aware that therapy can be distressing at times.

Online Sessions

Sessions are for 50 minutes for individuals and one hour for couples. Sessions are held and and when agreed. The charge for the online session is £55 for individuals, Couples is £65 first three assessment sessions and then couples sessions are £75 unless another rate is agreed.

Payment is made 24 hours in advance of the session. The first session for a new client will be an assessment session, Couples are the first 3 sessions, and we can then decide if we are happy to work with each other. The contract length will be agreed on online. This will be discussed in the first session and will be periodically reviewed as and when required.

I can be contacted out of hours on 07972814496 to cancel a session or arrange a new time. I require 24 hours’ notice of cancellation or change, otherwise, the missed session is chargeable. If two consecutive appointments are missed then the therapy options will be reviewed with you. If I need to contact you, I will only contact you by phone, email, or in writing if you have previously permitted me to do so. Permission is indicated in the confidentiality contract that you will be sent securely via email.

If you are delayed logging in or have to miss the appointment I can be contacted on the above number using a text message. In the absence of any communication, I will remain online for the first 30 minutes of the appointment time.


You will be given details of how to pay in the initial information email. Payment for the session is taken 24 hours in advance of each session.


The method of contact will be agreed upon in the confidentiality contract. You will be sent this before the first session.

Contact is only made to arrange appointments or pass on information you have requested in the session.

For confidentiality reasons, I can not speak to anybody contacting me on your behalf. I do not provide counselling via direct phone calls unless it is a previously agreed phone session in exceptional circumstances. I reserve the ZOOM, SIGNAL, for session work only, not for arranging initial appointments.

Social Media

I never contact clients on Social Media. I do have a presence on social media and sometimes I will receive requests for information about my service. All replies will come via email and will be sent to you via email, if requested. I do not engage in conversations on these platforms, I will never send you a friend request and I will decline any friendship requests sent to me by known clients. This is an ethical practice that keeps everybody safe.


You will be responsible for confidentiality on your end of the connection. You need to choose a place and time that is both safe, confidential, and interruption-free. You are responsible for any text, or recordings held on your communication devices. No data will be held on my end of the connection after the session finishes. I use a fully encrypted secure laptop.

Your identity will be kept confidential on any of my casework or manual working notes. I allocate an identification code to notes, known only by myself.

Confidentiality is a big part of the client\therapist relationship, however, some issues need highlighting if very serious circumstances arise during the online session.

There are areas covered by law where confidentiality may have to be breached, these are acts of terrorism (terrorism act), risk of serious self-harm, or serious harm to others, children at risk (child protection act) and serious organised criminal activity. If there is a need to contact your GP, this would be very exceptional circumstances, then this will be discussed sensitively in the session as to how this can be done.

Any requirements or need for a referral will be discussed with you first. In the event of any of the above issues arising during therapy, in the first instance, I will discuss this with you and/or carry out a risk assessment.

In the rare event that I can not discuss this with you and immediate action is required then confidentiality may have to be broken. At all times I will make every effort to consult you first.

Finishing therapy

Ideally, finishing will be structured so that you are aware that sessions are coming to an end and any other options or further assistance can be discussed. Endings are very important in the therapy process. You also have the right to withdraw from online therapy sessions at any point, however, it would be appreciated if you would inform me that you intend to do so.

Additionally, I reserve the right to terminate therapy if I feel conflicts of interest exist or in my professional opinion therapy is not beneficial or Safe.

Holiday Periods

If you intend to take a break or a holiday please give me 2 weeks notice so that I can restructure appointments.

When I take a holiday I will give you one month’s notice that I intend to do so. I do not work during my personal holiday period.

Without Prejudice (WP)

All therapy is without prejudice.


All work is undertaken under the current UK law and follows the BACP Ethical guidelines.


In such circumstances that you are unhappy with the therapy or service provided, you are encouraged in the first instance to talk your concerns through with me, your Therapist. If you feel problems remain unresolved, you may wish to take up your concerns with the BACP, I am subject to the BACP professional misconduct procedure and bound by their ethical rules.

Therapy Agreement

Before agreeing, are there any questions you wish to ask?

To agree to this contract you need to reply by email stating that you have read this information/contract revision C1120-30 and agree to this contract.